Best Pressure Washer Reviews and Buying Guide

If you are in the market for a pressure washer and have specific requirements in mind that you need it to fulfill without paying extortionate prices it’s often difficult to know what to really look for to get the best pressure washer for your needs. Like with any popular product it’s difficult to find a reliable source of information after sifting through many pressure washer reviews each telling you conflicting information, rest assured after reading this article you will not only be able to pick the very best pressure washer for you, you will also be able to operate it confidently, know what’s important when buying the best pressure washer and most importantly get the best use out of the product.

A pressure washer is also referred to as a ‘water blaster’; more and more people are finding out just how useful this fantastic piece of equipment can be in a variety of daily tasks, so many people don’t realize how much easier they could make there lives by making a small investment into one of the best pressure washers on the market, they really do save the user a considerable amount of time; more importantly they are environmentally friendly too using less water than conventional methods.

Take this into consideration to get the best pressure washer for your requirements

Before you make a decision to buy a pressure washer it’s highly recommended you adhere to this advice to avoid damage to your goods or buy a washer that doesn’t fulfill your needs entirely. Like with any investment into a new product that you are researching it is always vital to get as much information as you can, so think about how portable you need the device to be, example for home use something that is designed for portability would be recommended as some of the best pressure washers come in a variety of shapes and sizes; if you are going to be cleaning a vehicle, for example, you will want something a little lighter with handles to be agile/portable, whereas cleaning a patio would require a little more power behind it – as such power comes with more weight so look for a product with wheels if its too heavy to lift.

A good indication is when you are interested in a model check out the pressure washer reviews section on the website to see if customers report on its portability and functions, consider this before you worry about the strength of the washer. Many people who write customer pressure washer reviews talk about their requirements and how the product provided a solution.

After you have considered the portability requirements, you will need to look into what appliances, items or areas you will be cleaning. Remember that buying a pressure higher than your needs can damage goods, by knowing what you will be cleaning will allow you to select a range of pressure that will provide you the best results without the worry of damage. See below for information on strengths and what the best pressure washer would be for your needs.

How to select the best pressure washer for your needs, using our pressure washer reviews?

Once you have decided on the portability requirements as well as the items you will be cleaning its important to understand the different bar pressure, the higher the bar the more force the water will flow out, remember when you are looking at pressure washer reviews the higher the bar it does not necessarily mean it is better for you as you will see.

Below is a selection of categories with the bar pressure, each one has been put into a selection of categories so you can see what the bar requirements you need to get the best out of your device without causing accidental damage.

For those looking to clean the following:

  • Garden peripherals
  • Barbecues
  • Bikes / Motorbikes
  • Garden features such as plant pots and décor

If the category above meets your needs then a 100 bar pressure would be best suited for your needs, anything higher than this category could cause potential damage to your items, the 100 bar is the lowest recommended level, any respectable device will come with at least 100 bar because of its versatility around the garden. So it is best suited for those looking to clean around the garden and save time and light duty cleaning, this is certainly the best pressure washer for the average user.

The next stage up is 101 – 110 bar, this bracket is suitable for the following:

  • Drainage / Gutter cleaning
  • Washing your car/van
  • Also suitable for commercial lorries
  • Fencing both wooden/metallic
  • Spas / Swimming pools / Jacuzzi

There is nothing more frustrating than having a blocked drain or gutter, the traditional hose pipe simply won’t have enough power to shift the dirt & muck build up and requires something with a little more power, the 101 – 110 bar is the best pressure washer for this type of work. This pressure range is also ideal for washing cars / vans for not only home users but for commercial companies too, you will find many pressure washer reviews recommend these products for cleaning such items.

The final range that is the 111 – 130 bar pressure unit, ideal for:

  • Brick Walls
  • Wooden Decking
  • Tractors and agricultural machinery
  • Concrete

This range is the highest bar that is recommended for commercial and home use, these devices are fantastic for heavy duty cleaning for brick work more importantly this range is used mainly for agricultural machinery as it provides a very fast, simple and effective solution to cleaning off ground in dirt with very little to no effort, while the higher pressure is appealing to people looking to clean their home vehicles to get the job done quickly its highly inadvisable to use over 110 bar as this can damage paint work. Be sure to use the correct bar when it comes to selecting a device to ensure you get the very best pressure washer for your requirements and always check the pressure washer reviews section.

Pressure Washer Reviews on the most reliable makes

When reading the pressure washer reviews its often difficult to really find a reliable brand you can trust, selecting a solid brand ensures you can get fantastic use for years to come and achieve the results you desire in the shortest space of time. Based on the very best pressure washer reviews on Amazon UK the leading brand as of current is Nilfisk A very affordable brand that comes with a standard 12 months warranty. One of the selling points to the Nilfisk is also the accessories which are so easy to obtain and readily available without having to spend time hunting online, based on the customer pressure washer reviews you can really see why the Nilfisk is the recommended brand. At an average of 4.5 / 5 stars, this inexpensive product has proven it’s easy to use, efficient, and well worth the money making it one of the best pressure washer brands on the UK market.

As with any good make the Nilfisk washers are designed to be portable and easy to take with you if needed, supporting all different accessories from patio cleaners to simple brushes to reach those hard to clean places.

Based on the pressure washer reviews and customer experiences many describe the brand to be ‘a pleasure to use‘, other pressure washer reviews go onto explaining how ‘It is very easy to put together and comes with a good set of instructions and a free CD Rom on the best way to clean cars, conservatories etc.’ showing this brand is very customer focused.

Other respectable brands that have made a good impression include Kärcher, a German-based company that has been trading for a total of 75 years and developing the very best technology and 50 years of their trading has been developing some of the best pressure washers available in the UK. Based on the customer pressure washer reviews Kärcher has an average of 4 /5 stars based on pressure washer reviews showing its certainly a brand worth mentioning.

When looking at the Kärcher pressure washer reviews one user describes the product as ‘The K5.700 has sufficient power for most household needs‘. This shows that this company produces some of the best pressure washers for home use, fulfilling many needs

How to use the Best Pressure Washer Efficiently?

When you have selected the best pressure washer for your needs its important to know how to use it effectively to get the best use out of the product, depending on the make and model some of the newer and best pressure washers may have a pressure adjustment gauge that you can operate to your needs, remember the bar pressure table from above when using a pressure washer to avoid damage to your property, items or vehicles.

When you are ready to operate and blast away the dirt, keep in mind certain factors before cleaning to get the very best results such as:

  • Cleaning brick walls, fences, or garden furniture work from top to bottom.
  • If your cleaning ground such as a driveway, path, or patio work downhill.
  • Always observe the surroundings for breakable objects such as ornaments.

Once you have the best pressure washer settings for the job, have the bar pressure set and considered how you will tackle the cleaning and blasting of dirt. Many washers come with a selection of accessories to complete the job such as a brush, wide nosed hose for a wider area or short nosed for more focused blasts. All manufacturers’ guidelines will provide the information as to which accessory will be best suitable to use.

Once the pressure washer is in operation, keep in mind the bar pressure will decrease very slightly (even with the best pressure washer), if you notice that the efficiency is decreasing slightly, simply turn off the washer and give it a moment to build the pressure back up again. This is normal and no need to worry.


Always look at the best pressure washer reviews throughout our website before you purchase, this is a clear indication if the product is suitable for your needs while at the same time reliable to use. Ensure you know what bar pressure you need out of the washer to achieve great results, there are many fantastic washers on the market but ultimately it’s down to what you require.

You simply do not need to pay extortionate amounts for the best pressure washer for your needs, there are many with fantastic pressure washer reviews you can follow to find the right item, one that will truly be the best pressure washer for you.