How To Repair A Pressure Washer Pump?


When it comes to cleaning gardens, you can very well rely on a pressure washer pump. Such a tool comes very handy in presenting a high level of pressure to help clean the dirt and grime. No matter what kind of dirt you have, it helps remove the unwanted debris and leaves your surroundings clean. However, what most people do not realize is that with extensive usage, such equipment may encounter some concerns. Though there is nothing unusual about it, detecting the problem and knowing how to repair is what makes the difference.

Can You Repair it On Your Own?

Often people wonder if you can consider pressure washer pump as a DIY project. Well, in most cases, the problems are reasonably manageable and you can repair it on your own without any hassles. What is most important is that you need to identify the real problems and only then would the real solutions come up. Below mentioned are some common problems and its related repairs, which will help you with your pressure washer too.

Low Pressure

A common concern associated with pressure washer pump is of low pressure. This in many cases happens when you replace the nozzle and if its size is incorrect or when the actual nozzle is worn out. It is vital to understand that many a times the concerns are associated with the fitting of the equipment because when it goes wrong, usually the pressure drops. So, in such situations, look for the nozzle, its current state and if the parts are fitted aptly.

Rough Pressure

Another concern is when the pressure starts to run rough, the inlet water remains either too hot or cold. Sometimes the water that is in the faucet, when it interacts with the sun, it warms up to cause such a problem. What you need to do is to ensure it has enough air around the water so that it helps in creating the needed pressure. Simultaneously check for the discharge valves, and replace if necessary. Lastly, if everything else is fine and still you are unable to use the hot water, it could mean some serious mechanical damage. This is something that requires urgent attention and you need to call in an expert to do the needful.


Leakages are common and does not require complex procedures to repair it. Commonly the pressure washer starts to leak when the seal is worn out or broken. In such cases, all you need to do is fix the seal back, it is either repairable or replace it. Besides the water leaks, oil leaks are also very common and you can avoid this by replacing the seals at least two times a year. Sometimes, due to broken plungers, to leaks are evident and for this, you require a replacement.

Pressure Washer Pulsating

The problems are not always associated with dirty inlets, discharge valves, or leakages. Sometimes, the problem could be as simple as dirt and dust accumulation. Not many manage to detect such a problem but all it takes to repair a broken pressure washer pump is a good cleaning. Once you use it on a regular basis, opt for a cleaning session so that you are able to have the washer run well for a longer duration.

Besides this, the pulsating could be due to the plunger as well and in turn leading to low pressure. Therefore, look into all these aspects before opting for other repairing options.

When It Shuts Off

The good thing about the current generation pressure washer pumps is that it is designed in a manner that it lasts long even with rough use and slightly low maintenance. But, what many do not understand is that this calls for at least basic maintenance and when you do not manage to provide with the basic requirements, it tends to break down and completely shuts off.

When it shuts off, it could be either due to lack of fuel or oil. In either possibility, a quick inspection can give you a proper idea or if there is any problem with the seal or valves, a quick cleaning or replacement will make all the difference.


The common problems associated with pressure washer pumps are associated with accumulation of dirt, misfit parts or when the seal is broken etc. Therefore, in either possibility, opting for easy and quick repairs is achievable and in cases when the problems are not in the achievable zone, you can always seek professional help, especially when it is under warranty.

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