Pressure Pro E3027HC Heavy Duty Professional 2,700 PSI 3.0 GPM Honda Gas Powered Pressure Review

Power or pressure washers are great tools to have for the areas that are very hard to reach. They are quite powerful than the attachments used on a garden hose such as a sprayer. In addition, they will save you large amounts of water. The Pressure Pro E3027HC is specially designed for outdoor cleaning projects such as vinyl sidings, cars, driveways, and many more.

Price range

The Pressure Pro E3027HC is one of the top pressure cleaning machines currently on the market. Its price is a bit higher than most units found in many households. Others may consider this as a drawback. Its price ranges from $1000 to $1500. The price is justified by the robust frame, ultra-light construction, exceptional craftsmanship, and powerful engine. In addition, it uses the best CAT pump, hence its high price.

The Gas Pressure Pro E3027HC washing machine is designed for both commercial and residential use. It is a great choice for business owners and small contractors that are after a pressure washer that is more powerful than domestic–grade machines. If you are a smaller contractor that needs a secondary unit for the minor jobs or as a replacement, then Pressure Pro is the perfect unit you need. Although Pressure Pro 2700 psi may not feel and appear strong compared to the higher commercial-grade machines, its overdrive on the engine in combination with nozzles and hose ends, allows this machine to undertake even the most difficult jobs with a little amount of pressure.

Powerful Engine

In attempt to combine both residential and commercial grade power washers, the manufacturer had several important features to the Pressure Pro Washer. The unit is powered by the powerful 6.5 HP GX200 engine. The unit is able to deliver up to 2700 psi. This is great pressure to carry out the various cleaning jobs whether they are heavy or light-duty. In addition, the unit comes with the CAT Triplex pump. This helps the engine to run much cooler. The engine is efficient, reliable, quiet, and very easy to use. It has a thermo sensor, which prevents the pressure washer from any chance of overheating. Therefore this machine is able to run for longer periods without any interruptions.


The Pressure Pro E3027HC is a durable machine that is designed for many years of use. It is compact and portable. This makes it possible to carry it from one place to another and there are no major problems with its storage. In spite of its compact design, this unit has a strong and sturdy frame. The construction of this powerful washing machine is solid. It features ultra-light aluminum that can be compared to the airplane frames. The unit comes with two frames. It is, therefore, possible to use this many machines for many years before replacing it.

Pressure Pro E3027HC Specifications

  • 6.5 HP powerful engine. It has the Honda model engine that is reliable, easy to operate, and very reliable. This makes the process of cleaning a breeze
  • CAT pump. This is regarded as the best pump currently on the market. This makes it a better machine than others. With this pump, there is no extra intake of air. It also makes it a bit pricey.
  • Thermo sensor. This is important in preventing the engine from overheating in the bypass mode.
  • Wand assembly and insulated gun. The gun is professionally insulated and the wand assembly has 5 nozzles that are easy to connect and 50 feet in length.
  • Steel reinforced pressure hose. The house is able to withstand high pressures without leaks.
  • CARB compliant product
  • Measures 32 inches by 22 inches by 25 inches
  • Weighs 89 pounds
  • 2700 psi maximum output


The truth is that Pressure Pro E3027HC is a leader of the pressure washing technology. It is able to deliver three gallons of water per minute and pushing it to a limit of 2700 psi. The unit is built to last and designed with a thermo sensor to prevent engine damage. It is compact and lightweight, yet with sturdy and solid construction.


The Pressure Pro E3027HC is a bit expensive for a casual residential user. It is also less portable compared to electrical pressure washer machine.

Consumer reviews

The Pressure Pro is a relatively new product currently on the market. It has 38 reviews. Over 25 users have rated the product with 5-star out of 5-star and a few giving it negative feedback of 1-star. However, the user with a negative rating promises to buy the product as he or she believes in it. This leaves the product with a rating of 4.5-star. The rating does not lie that this is an excellent machine. Click here to read more customer reviews…


The Pressure Pro E3027HC is a nearly perfect washing machine. It balances the power with solid construction to tackle even the toughest commercial and residential applications. Any home owner who regularly uses a pressure washer machine should consider investing in this unit.

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