Things You Might Not Know About Pressure Washer Cleaning Solution

When you use your pressure washer, one of the most important things to know about would be what pressure washer cleaning solution to use. To wash away all the dirt, mildew, and molds, you need to use the strongest pressure washer cleaning solution.

Knowing The Difference Between Soap And Detergent

First of all, two main types of pressure washer cleaning solution can be used in a pressure washer. These are the soaps and the detergents.

Soaps are made out of raw natural materials like animal fats and oils through processing. Powder soaps are made from sodium and fats while liquid soaps make use of potassium and sodium. Soaps are biodegradable and can be washed down the drains.

Detergents, on the other hand, are made from processing chemicals. Detergents can be used for stubborn substances and dirt that come from hard water or rainwater. Hence, it is highly recommended for hard surfaces such as wood and concrete.

Since soaps are only used for easy-to-handle jobs, detergents are the preferred cleaning solution for pressure washers.

Knowing Where To Use Strong Detergents

Detergents are really strong; thus, you need to be cautious where to use it. Some of the areas in which detergents are used include vinyl, metal doors, bricks, concretes, windows, and doors. Detergents can also be used for cleaning metal roofs, gates, and also wooden fences. Gutters may also be cleaned with strong detergents.

Knowing About What Kind Of Solution To Put In Your Machine

There are two kinds of pressure cleaners that you can purchase. Why is this important to know which cleaner to use? It is because the type of pressure washer that you use will determine the kind of pressure washer cleaning solution to put in. If your house is rather small and does not need that much spraying, then a not so heavy-duty residential pressure washer will do. This type of washer doesn’t need strong and concentrated solutions. Regular solutions can be used on a residential pressure washer.

For commercial or professional cleaning tasks, the best one to use would be the professional heavy-duty pressure washer. This is the type that is especially useful for cleaning businesses that make use of pressure washing. This one would need a gallon of pre-mixed solutions.

Introducing The Solution To The Pressure Washer

Now that you know about the different solutions that can be used, another thing that you should know about would be how to introduce the solution to the washer. One of the simplest and best ways to add the detergent is through the pump. The pump can easily take down the detergent and let the machine contain it.

However, please note that not all chemicals can go through the pump. If the solution that you use is too strong, then do not pour the chemical through the pump. In this case, soap injectors would be the best method.

The soap injectors for the pressure washer needs to use a soap nozzle. This would let the detergent flow into the pressure hose so that it can be applied.


These are some of the important things that you should know about cleaning solutions to use for your pressure washer. Knowing the cleaning solutions to be used can help you get rid of the molds and dirt easily, as well as care for your pressure washer machine. Therefore, before you settle on what pressure washer cleaning solution to purchase, take the time to read and ponder on the considerations listed above.

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