Pressure Washer Nozzles – Buyers Guide

Having a tool like a pressure washer can make just about any cleaning job effortless and sometimes even enjoyable.

But knowing which type of spray nozzle to use can be confusing to some people, simply because there are a few to choose from.

Let’s take a look at the different types of pressure washer nozzles at a few basic types so that you will have a better understanding of which ones to use to get the job done right.

Two Basic Types Of Nozzles:

There are essentially two main types of nozzles that you can find nowadays and these are: threaded spray nozzles and quick connect nozzles.

Threaded Nozzles:

Threaded nozzles are ribbed and thread right into your pressure washer to create a leak-proof seal between the nozzle and manifold. These are used primarily for pressure wash accessories such as: surface cleaners, spinning duct cleaners and sand blast heads.

Quick Connect Nozzles

Quick connect nozzles are color-coded according to what type of spray pattern they produce. These patterns are measured in degrees and may vary depending on the type of model you have. Generally speaking, red nozzles have the strongest spray pattern and white nozzles have the lightest pattern.

Nozzles For High Powered Cleaning:

If you are planning on cleaning a surface that is stained badly then you might want to go with a pressure washer nozzle that has a 0° spray pattern or something close to it. The more narrow the spray pattern, the stronger the water pressure will be, making them ideal for tougher cleaning jobs. These types of nozzles will produce a smaller spray pattern but will clean a lot better than a nozzle that has a wider pattern to it.

Nozzles For General Cleaning:

Use a nozzle that has a wider spray pattern for general cleaning and lighter duty applications such as pressure washing around your house, your car, and tools. These types of nozzles produce a very wide spray pattern and can cover large areas but will not have the concentrated power that the smaller nozzles will have. These types of nozzles will also ensure that you will not damage anything in the process, it is always advisable to use nozzles that have a wider spray pattern first and then progressively increase to a more powerful nozzle.

Special Kinds Of Nozzles:

There are a few different specialty nozzles that you can choose from that serve different purposes when pressure washing.

There are certain pressure washer nozzles that you can use with cleaning detergents prior to pressure washing. These will siphon the cleaning detergent from a special container in the pressure washer and mix it with the water coming out of the nozzle so that you get an even spray pattern and even distribution. These are primarily used on exterior siding, decks, and even driveways that have stubborn stains.

Turbo nozzles are used for jobs that require a powerful spray pattern, and a large surface area. They combine the power of a 0° nozzle and a nozzle that has a wide spray pattern so that you can cover more surface area on aggressively stained surfaces.

These are just a few basics on different types of pressure washer nozzles. There are several different types to choose from and each one is designed for a specific purpose. Choose the right spray pattern for the particular job that you plan on tackling and it will make your life a whole lot easier.

Spray Patterns:

There are several different patterns that you can choose from, this image shows what they are and what the particular pattern looks like. The wider the spray, the more surface it can cover, but at a weaker pressure.

Adjustable Nozzles:

These are great as an all-in-one type of tool and can be adjusted to meet your specific requirements. Just twist to the desired angle and off you go.

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