Sun Joe SPX2000 1740 PSI 1.59 GPM Electric Pressure Washer 12.5-Amp Review

In case you are looking for the best rated (and top-notch) pressure washer, then you ought to give Sun Joe SPX2000 a try. Everything about this product, from its powerful motor to the easy operable controls, simply smacks of efficiency.

The Sun Joe washer ensembles quite a number of unique features, thus distinguishing itself from the rest. This electric pressure washer comes with lots of upsides and positive reviews, averaging 4.2 stars on Amazon.

Sun Joe SPX2000 : Features and Specs

  • Adjustable Nozzle
  • On-board detergent tank
  • Garden Hose Adapter
  • Powerful 12.5 amps per 1500 watt Motor
  • 11 pound weight
  • TSS Trigger switch

Who Would Buy This?

Sun Joe SPX2000 is mainly meant for guys who would like to do cleaning jobs around the house, like cleaning paver patios.

Its small size makes it functional for cleaning cars, old concrete, walkways, outdoor furniture, and even for tidying up wood decks.

Unlike what most reviewers would think – given its price – that Sun Joe targets the rich and the elite, many people can actually afford this machine and use it for cleaning purposes.

Easy To Assemble

It comes with an easy-to-read instruction manual that’s straightforward and easy to get a read on, thus assembling doesn’t take much of your time. That is, within no time, you’ll be done and ready to start your cleanup.

Soap Dispenser

For car washers, the Sun Joe SPX2000 comes installed with a soap dispenser, something that users love and appreciate coz of the efficiency. The 0.9 litter soap dispenser mainly works when you are using the washer at a low pressure. After that, you can always switch to a higher pressure for the rinse.

Easy To Move Around

Sun Joe washer comes with a 34-inch wand extension, which is meant to extend your cleaning reach. The same wand is attached to an adjustable nozzle, enabling the user to go from a zero-degree fan spray to a gentler 45-degree fan spray.

The nozzle is perfect for blasting gunk off your car’s windows, boats, RVs, barbecues and more.

Its rear wheels make it easy to move the Sun Joe SPX2000 1740 PSI electric pressure washer from one task to another.

Safety Features

There is an additional feature during the cleaning process. This electric pressure washer unit features a trigger switch that has been coupled with a technology known as Total Stop System (TSS).


It weighs 11 pounds. And for such a fairly small weight, you get to move around with the pressure washer. Therefore, if you are looking to clean your car or garden, all in one round, then the Sun Joe SPX2000 would do the trick.

Although it is light, the Sun Joe Pressure still boasts the versatility of handling some heavy-duty tasks.

Great Pressure and Quiet Motor

It boasts of a powerful 12.5 amp per 1500-watt motor. They’ve been coupled together for better performance.

Because of this, there isn’t any need for multiple nozzles, for the adjustable nozzle does the rest – going from a pinpoint sized steam to a wide swath.

Other than that, the motor runs quietly and in the process effectively getting rid of dirt and any grime build up.


When it comes to the upsides, many of the Sun Joe SPX2000 reviews give credit to its lightweight and adjustable nozzle as the main lures. Oh yes, the fact that it doesn’t leak (like some other washers) makes it a unique pressure washer too.

The other noticeable advantage is the long cord and hose. This makes it possible to cover a larger area without necessarily hooking an extra cord.


A few reported downsides include a crappy hose adapter. It is plastic with threads that strip off easily – after about the third use, according to one customer review.
Nevertheless, this is a minor issue (per se) since you can always replace the adapter with a brass adapter – goes for about 5 bucks – and you wouldn’t experience any problems again.


In the world of pressure washers, brands are dime a dozen, most of them promising the best services, making the process of picking the right washer a bit daunting.
However, with Sun Joe SPX2000, you have one of the best electric pressure washers that have ever graced the market.

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