Using a pressure washer during the winters, do and don’ts

The Winter season is usually nasty for many types of machinery. The dropping temperatures can burn out many parts. There are a lot of doubts regarding the using a pressure washer during winter or in cold weather. While it is perfectly safe to wash if the temperature is not at freezing levels, there is a risk involved in areas where the water reaches freezing points.

The main problem is that a pressure washer uses water to remove the dirt from your walls. But when the temperature reaches negative or freezing, there is a chance that you water you sprayed may freeze. That means you will be covering your walls with ice.

But a lot of people only get enough time to clean in wintertime. Also, this is the time when the holidays approach and you want to give your home a fresh look. One probable solution is to use hot water for cleaning. This will prevent the water to turn on ice quickly. But always keep your pressure washer in a warm area. Sometimes the residue water inside the washer will freeze and this will cause malfunctioning of the equipment itself.

Another way you can try is to de-ice the surface before pressure washing. You can apply de-icing compounds to prevent the water from forming into ice quickly. Also if you are using an electric pressure washer please ensure proper electric safety measures are taken. Electric circuits can go haywire at low temperatures. Also, it is recommended to use proper safety gear like goggles and protection kits. You can read the article what happens if you touch a pressure washer here.

How cold is too cold for a pressure washer?

Now another doubt many readers may have is how much is too cold for a pressure washer. As a general rule, it’s not a good idea to pressure wash when the outside temperature is below 40 Fahrenheit or 4 degrees Celcius. It is not a good idea to plan pressure wash below that temperatures. Also, you have to watch out for cold winds. Do not pressure wash if the air is not calm at lower temperatures.

Can I power wash my deck in the winter?

Ideally, it is always better to pressure wash your deck during summer. But if you must, then use hot water to pressure wash. Also, it is a good idea to use a de-icing component. If the temperature drops below 40 Farahenheit then you must avoid the plan to wash the deck altogether. But there are professional companies that will pressure wash your house even during extreme winter. Check if any such services are available in your locality and hire them.

How warm does it need to be to power wash a house?

Always pressure wash when the sun is out. Generally, it is safe to pressure wash when the sun is out and the temperature is above 40 Fahrenheit or 4 degrees Celcius. But the most ideal temperature should be above 70 Fahrenheit. Also, it is a better choice when it’s sunny weather for consecutive days. This will aid the cleaning and drying process. Also chose the time when the wind is also low.

What time of year is best to pressure wash house?

As we discussed before the summertime is the best time to pressure wash the house. Pressure washing during winter is not recommended. The ideal months are between Feb to October when the temperatures do not touch freezing points. But this will vary depending on the geographical area and weather. Plan your washing when there is continuous sun for at least a day or two.

How to keep the pressure washer from freezing?

The main issue while pressure washing during winter is the freezing of the machine. The water freezing inside the pressure washer can expand and damage the nozzle and other parts. The best way to protect is to use an antifreeze mixture. The antifreeze will prevent the freezing of water inside the machine. Fill in the machine with an antifreeze mixture instead of water. You can use a hydrometer to check the strength of the antifreeze mixture.

How to store pressure washer for winter?

As explained before use antifreeze to fill the machine. This will prevent the freezing of the machine. Also always keep the pressure washer in a warm place inside. The proper steps are listed below

  • Disconnect the water supply
  • Release any pressure inside the machine
  • Press the trigger so any water residue is pumped out.
  • Dry and store in a warm place


So these are some points you should keep in mind while using a pressure washer during the winter. But if the temperature is freezing then there is no advantage in pressure washing as the ice can build up fast. Reserve your pressure washing activities for a sunny day. Also, make sure to follow all the necessary safety precautions before working with the machine.

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